Parents Can Prevent Autism . . . Today!


NEWS RELEASE: April 2012. US Federal Government announced today that Autism is now estimated to effect 1 in every 88 children.

We often get asked "How do you get autism?" And the fact is that no one knows 100% for certain how you get autism. HOWEVER, based on all the ways children *recover* from autism there are some direct correlations that can be made.

These correlations are not a perfect science. But if you're like me and my wife, you'd rather have an imperfect science protecting your child than absolutely nothing at all!

Use the resources on this site to learn how to prevent autism today in your child or baby.

1) Limit vaccines for expecting moms - including flu shots

Unless an expecting mom is about to enter a high risk area (like remote parts of Asia or Africa), getting a vaccine while pregnant should be avoided. As of 2009, many flu shots have thimerisol (aka: mercury) in the vaccine, which can quickly pass to the fetus and cause major brain and nervous system damage.

2) Nurse baby for as long as possible

Breast feeding your baby is one of nature's most proven ways to protect your child from illness. If you don't produce enough breast milk, add non-casein formula to your baby's diet, but continue breast feeding as long as you can.

3) Eat organic & all-natural foods

Eating healthy food such as organic fruits and vegetables will go a long way towards keeping your baby healthy. If your child eats meat, check to ensure it is antibiotic free and hormone free meat.

4) Delay vaccinations

While vaccinations have done wonders for the world in the last century, it’s helpful to delay vaccinations to a schedule that is less taxing on a baby's immune system. This means no vaccines at birth and then using the 1983 vaccination schedule, which is more conservative than the current schedule. Additionally, break up the MMR shot into 3 separate shots and give them over time instead of all at once.

5) Limit casein in child’s diet

Casein is a protein found in milk and dairy products. Mounds of research have found that casein increases autism symptoms. Thousands of children with autism have gotten much better simply by eliminating this protein from their diet.

6) Limit gluten in child’s diet

Gluten in a protein found in many grains such as wheat, whey, barley, hops, etc. Similar to casein, gluten has been found to increase autism symptoms and children with autism have recovered by eliminating this protein from their diets.

7) Limit taking antibiotics

Antibiotics kill both the bad and the important good bacteria in our bodies. If giving your child antibiotics is necessary, make sure to also give them probiotics at same time. Continue giving your child probiotics for 2 weeks following the end of antibiotic treatment.

8) Avoid using or being around pesticides

Pesticides are poisons that kill living creatures. You should avoid all exposure to these toxins while pregnant and in places where your baby goes.

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